petra a*k*a milo82

so fun you're playing along too... I'm so excited and can't wait to get started! :) Yeah for us, we're so going to do this!


I forgot that it's already the New Year there!! Brava for being on top of it all!!!!

Michelle Davies

Its great to have you in the POTD. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


Welcome to POTD. Cute shot.

Becky (finsup)

What a creative fun photo to kick off the New Year. Welcome to POTD! It is so fun and inspiring.


Yeah! Welcome to POTD...and I love that shot. . . its so creative and FUN!


Welcome! Very creative shot--love it.


Cool shot! Looking forward to seeing more of your creative ideas.

Chris A. (Chreamps)

Great photo, Jamie! You photo is so creative and love the blur of the red second hand. Your new avatar at DST looks great - I had to do a double-take to realize who it was (LOL)! Happy New Year!


Welcome to the POTD! Fun shot, Happy New Year! :)


What a great idea for your photo!!

Laurie We

wonderful day one photo


I love your first photos, particularly the 1st Jan, very creative!

Diana Ball-Seitz great. I love how you are doing those...I think I will be good just to take the photos and post to flickr...LOL. Will try some simple scrappin, but don't think I can keep up with my main blog and this project...SO inspired by what you have goin' on. TSF. Diana Happy New Year!


great shots!! very creative!


Cool idea for the first picture! And I love the framing.


OK I must ask why the mop water is green, lol. Love the pic of track shoes--it is reminding me that I really need to get back into running.


Wow those are really cool! The mop bucket is pretty neat!

Tammy (Far Away Friends)

Great pictures thank you for sharing.


fabulous pictures! especially love the first one


Looking forward to your fun ideas, looks great!


Fun shots!

beth (kewl_jive)

Beautiful as always!


cute pictures. love the last one


Wow, so many great photos!!

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